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What makes RED Pallet Different?
Can we cater to LARGE orders?
What is RFID Pallets?

RED Pallet is aware of all customer's concerns including pallet losses due to ineffective pallet tracking. Lost pallets put the burden on customers as they continue to pay rent and during cycle count gets billed for a replacement fee.

RFID pallets make tracking easier with the aid of a commercial RFID reader installed at each pallet user location.

Customers can participate and use the RFID feature of the RED Pallet upon request.

At RED Pallet Provider Co., we defy factors causing pallet shortage during the rainy season which limits lumber production and makes it impossible to supply dried pallets. Making matters worst coincides with the peak pallet season. High Demand low supply causes quality issues on infestation and mold.

RED maintains a minimum inventory of 500,000 board feet of KD/HT lumber material equivalent to 20,000 pallets at any time.

Making your pallet requirement delivery simply on-time anytime.

RFID Tags are embedded inside all RED Pallets. Integrated and ready for all of its customers use for a secured and efficient pallet tracking system.

RFID Specifications

  • 1200mm x 1ooomm size

  • ECR design

  • 4-way entry

  • RFID enabled

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